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Business Design lead


Do you think that you are the best and brightest in the creative industry? Are you ready to transform the most complex business challenges into the best digital solutions? Then we would love to meet you!

As a Business design lead you are responsible for the quality and relevance of the output of the team(s) for the client. You will translate our client’s business strategy into a creative digital solution with measurable impact on relevant business objectives. Your passion is the creation of the ultimate customer experience. Also, you will work together with client managers from a creative point of view to win new clients. You are constantly searching for desirable and innovative solutions by maintaining an open view of the possibilities around you.

As a Business design lead you raise the quality of the design process and your creative solutions to the highest level for our clients. For example, by conceptualizing and realizing award-winning digital strategies and concepts. You are part of (and/or organizes) digital leadership steering teams to ensure long term success. As a person, your enthusiasm drives inspiration, and this has a positive effect on the client and your team. Exciting things happen when you join the conversation.

This is what you bring

The candidate we seek is a seasoned customer experience-, and human-centred design expert that sets down the outline of a concept and coordinates its transformation – and implementation – into detailed designs, prototypes, and/or minimal viable products for a wide range of devices and platforms.

So what do you think, do you have what it takes? Then first, checkout our checklist:

  • you are a strong leader and provide an exemplary role in the team(s) you lead;
  • you have at least ten years of relevant work experience in a comparable role;
  • you have a clear perspective on the role of ‘digital’ in both current and future society;
  • you are design thinker with experience in creative processes and techniques;
  • you understand service design and are proficient in applying it’s methodology and tool-set;
  • you are business savvy, and are able to assess the adequacy off business processes, organizational structures, and digital capabilities;
  • you thoroughly understand the value of human-behaviour research in projects and are able to explain this to customers and the market;
  • you can organize and facilitate strategic and creative sessions, ie. Google Design sprints;
  • you can transform clients’ needs into award-winning strategies and concepts;
  • you are a creative leader that helps teams excel, and surpasses the clients, and your own, expectations;
  • you have and grow a broad network of contacts in the digital- and client domain;
  • you shake things up in a positive way, both among the creatives and for our clients;
  • you enjoy standing in the spotlight and sharing your knowledge with the market, your colleagues and your peers.

The application process

  1. The interview
    You will receive a response from us in no-time, either inviting you for a coffee or letting you know that your application has come to an end. During your first meeting, we’ll invite you to our office, followed by one or two more meetings in which we’ll get to know each other better.

  2. Screening and assessment
    A screening and assessment may be part of the application process, depending on the position. We’ll let you know well in advance if and when this will take place so you have plenty of time to prepare. Let us know if you’d like additional information.

  3. Offer and contract
    If we like what we see and you decide to join us, we will make you an offer, initially based on a 12-month period. Feel free to call or email us to learn more about our employment conditions.

  4. Your first days with us
    Our new employees always start on the first working day of the month with a joint introduction day and tour of the company. This is a great way to quickly get to know the company and your colleagues in an informal setting. As we take the initial working period very seriously, we’ll stay right by your side throughout the first week.