Why be a freelancer at Mirabeau?

Great clients and challenging work
Working for Mirabeau means working on great projects for interesting clients. From Achmea to Funda, we offer you the opportunity to add major names to your CV. You’ll mainly be working in multidisciplinary blended scrum teams that offer an excellent combination of professionals with various backgrounds and specialisms.

Freedom and responsibility
As a freelancer at Mirabeau you’ll have lots of freedom and just as much responsibility. Together with us, you’ll be responsible for providing clients with the best possible results. We’ll give you all the freedom you need to do things your way, reflecting our belief that true professionals know what works best for them.

Mirabeau brings you into contact with fellow freelancers and our permanent Mirabeau team. This offers benefits today while also building a valuable network for the future.

Sharing knowledge
Working for Mirabeau offers a win-win situation: you learn from us and we learn from you. This is why we regularly organise get-togethers that bring the Mirabeau staff and freelancers together to share their knowledge.

Mirabeau People
You’ll probably have quite a few questions during your project. No worries: the recruiters from Mirabeau People are here to help. We’ll even provide you with a fixed point of contact to make communication even smoother.

Working at Mirabeau involves more than just the assignment at hand. You’ll be able to expand your network and we’ll even help you find a new project to get your teeth into. Moreover, you’re always welcome at one (or all!) of our socials if you’d like to blow off steam during the project!