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Test Automation Engineer

Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Hoorn, Rotterdam

Sometimes designers lose the plot, developers can no longer see the wood for the trees and copywriters find no rhyme or reason. This is why we want to make sure that every detail of our digital platforms is tried and tested. Mirabeau test engineers never rest until every pixel is in place, each element does what it is supposed to, and all the bugs are fixed. This way you keep your colleagues sharp and improve their work. Mirabeau makes digital platforms for major brands from the Netherlands to Guangzhou. Tens of millions of people around the world see our work. Naturally, we want to make sure we get every detail right. This means working hard to ensure everything is tested one more time before delivery. But your job is about more than just testing. You know exactly what clients need, and how to explain the potential impact of a bug – including why we really need to fix it – to product owners in a clear way. Naturally, we do a lot in test automation, where we make all kinds of awesome frameworks. We believe in open source and integrate it wherever possible.

This is what you bring

As a test automation engineer, you work methodically and accurately – after all, your critical eye can be the difference between an excellent platform and one that is merely good. It helps if you contribute and implement process improvements in a positive and constructive way, and have a knack for process quality. We believe that teamwork is the only way to transcend ourselves and deliver the highest quality to our users. We are therefore looking for motivated people with a flair for explaining their thought processes. You should be able to communicate clearly, both in speech and in writing, while always maintaining a diplomatic perspective.

Are you also an open source kind of person who would like to contribute to the cool things we do? Read more...

  • at least three years of experience in test automation
  • knowledge of programming in languages such C#, Java or JavaScript (Node.js)
  • experience with automated testing tools like Selenium WebDriver or Cucumber
  • you have experience with and really enjoy Agile work
  • you have a higher vocational (HBO) degree in a science or engineering subject

The application process

  1. The interview
    You will receive a response from us in no-time, either inviting you for a coffee or letting you know that your application has come to an end. During your first meeting, we’ll invite you to our office, followed by one or two more meetings in which we’ll get to know each other better.

  2. Screening and assessment
    A screening and assessment may be part of the application process, depending on the position. We’ll let you know well in advance if and when this will take place so you have plenty of time to prepare. Let us know if you’d like additional information.

  3. Proposal and contract
    If we like what we see and you decide to join Mirabeau, we will make you an offer, initially based on a 12-month period. Feel free to call or email us to learn more about our employment conditions.

  4. Your first days at Mirabeau
    New Mirabeau employees always start on the first working day of the month with a joint introduction day and tour of the company. This is a great way to quickly get to know the company and your colleagues in an informal setting. As we take the initial working period very seriously, we’ll stay right by your side throughout the first week.

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