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Data Science


Within our innovation practice we are exploring how people interact with new digital touch-points and services. Part of this journey is to research new technologies to find out how they work and what the technology’s potential is to create impactful experiences. We work with emerging technologies such as augmented reality, conversational interfaces, AI, machine learning, face & object detection and Unity 3D to create great working prototypes that show value, teach us on the potential and inspire to do more.

Like to contribute?

The internship is focused on data science techniques like machine- and deep learning to help train AI that allow us to create new experiences and deliver useful insights.
Examples are: action recognition (video) for gesture detection, advanced face or posture detection, behavioral analysis, voice emotion detection, to name a few.

During your internship you will work with co-developers as well as students with different backgrounds like design, UX or data science. Furthermore you have access to a depth of experience present at Cognizant Digital Business.

As an intern you will have the opportunity to work for major clients in a motivated and dynamic team. We offer you lots of freedom, plenty of space to contribute your own ideas and an internship allowance of € 500,- a month.

This is what you bring

You are looking for an internship that offers the opportunity to work with others within an appealing and creative environment. You have hands-on experience with relevant technologies and preferably enjoy programming at home in your spare time too.

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  • you are a third year or higher university (like TU Delft) student in a subject such as data- or computer science
  • you are looking for an internship or graduation project of at least ten to around 20 weeks
  • you follow trends and developments in digital, you are very interested in innovation and related technologies
  • you have a practical mindset combined with plenty of creativity and initiative. You are proactive in communicating and cooperating within a team
  • you have experience in data science related techniques like Pattern Recognition, Machine- Deep Learning, TensorFlow or other ML frameworks and programming languages like Python, Microsoft .NET, and/or Java.

The application process

  1. The interview
    In no time, you will receive a response from us, either to invite you for a coffee or to let you know that we will not further pursue your application. For your first meeting, we’ll invite you over to our office for an introduction. Usually, we then follow up with another meeting to get to know each other better.

  2. Screening and assessment
    Depending on the position, (technical) assessments may be part of the application process. We’ll let you know well in advance if and when this will take place. So, you will have plenty of time to prepare. Let us know if you’d like additional information.

  3. Internship contract and guidance
    If we like what we see and you decide to go for an internship at Mirabeau, we’ll discuss your project, goals and offer you an internship contract. We will ensure that you will receive proper guidance throughout the process. Feel free to call or email us for more information.

  4. Your first days
    All new joiners always start on the first working day of the month. You will be invited for an introduction day and a (virtual) tour of the company. This is a great way to quickly get to know Cognizant Digital Business and all your colleagues in an informal setting. We’ll stay right by your side throughout the first week, as the initial stage of an internship can make quite the impression.